We start every project with a simple question — 
How can we create habitats that are more meaningful, and more sustainable for all living kind?

We specialise in landscape, climate, and systems thinking for spatial environments.
Landscape strategies for urban development —
Climate adaptation and sustainability —
Systems thinking —
Spatial environments and transformations —
edit is also a process
explore  develop  imagine  team-up
1 explore the context and examine the spatial potentials in relation to the narrative of the project.
2 develop strategies for the best design value, combining resources and functions for synergies.
3 imagine and integrate fun and playfulness into the process - no reason for our living environments to be boring!
4 team-up via a multidisciplinary approach. The greatest results come from working laterally across disciplines.
Clients and Collaborators
Snøhetta, NSW, Nordic Office of Architecture, Oslo Works, Sanden & Hodnekvam, KOHT, Heydays, Oslotre, Haptic, Helen & Hard, Transolar, Powwow, Civitas, Sweco, TOI, A-lab, KOI fargestudio, Transpolar studio, Tuvalu Arkitekter, Speed Arkitekter, Steinkjer kommune, NLA, Ulsteinvik kommune, Oslo House, Selvaag, Oslo Architecture Triennale, KiK, Linnea Bågander, Borås kommun, Lørenskog kommune, Heim Kommune