DG 13
Type: Housing, Commercial, Landscape
Status: On going
Year: 2020 -
Location: Dronningensgate 13 Oslo, Norway
1700 m2
Client: Selvaag Eiendom
Collaborators: Oslo Works, Oslotre, DIFK, Erichsen & Horgen, Sweco, Vill Energi, Fokus Rådgiving, multi-consult
The project aims to create new homes, open courtyards to the public, create new public and cultural offerings and thus enable a bustling street life in Kvadraturen in Oslo. As part of the historic center of Oslo, the project also aims to add new, modern volumes and programs while preserving the valuable cultural heritage of existing buildings. And last but not least, the project will introduce planting and trees, innovative nature-based solutions for surface water management, and thus create an aesthetic and healthy living environment.
- In Dronningens gate, edit works with the design and programming of the city floor in the backyard of the quarter and with the design of the roofs, which together make up around 1700 m2. Programs on roofs vary from urban cultivation, common roof terraces for residents and private gardens, as well as green roofs for biodiversity and surface water management.
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