Steinkjer: Deltabyen
Type: Urban study
Status: Completed

Year: 2020
Location: Steinkjer, Norway
Size: 7.94 km2

Client: Stienkjer kommune
Collaborators: Sanden & Hodnekvam, KOHT
Consultants: TØI, NIBIO, Kine Angelo 
Press: Steinkjer Kommune Bylivsenteret
We wish for Steinkjer to utilise its landscape, embrace its history, and take pride in its exciting future. This study is not about drawing Steinkjer’s next city plan, but revealing potentials on multiple levels to be brought to the city and the public.
The Steinkjer deltacity project has been proposed as part of a parallelloppdrag for Steinkjer sentrum. The assignment called for an investigation into how Steinkjer should densify its city centre. Our team consisting of edit / atelier, Sanden & Hodknekvam Architects, and KOHT architecture, we are 1 of 3 teams selected for the assignment. We are honoured to have been given this task. Our proposal suggested to re-qualify Steinkjer as a river delta city, establish new economic opportunities, and enhance city life through a sensitive and landscape based approach for everyone that lives, works and visits Steinkjer. ​​​​​​​
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