Type: Mixed use / urban transformation
Status: Ongoing
Year: 2019 -
Location: Moss, Norway
Size: 11.750 m2
Collaborators: NSW
Client: Oslo House 
The Sterudkvartalet is a contextual based urban transformation. It is an icon for Moss future central transformation, connecting to its surrounding and locally anchored. Offering a diverse answer for a lively city centre.
Moss is moving from a local regional centre to a denser city 30 minutes away from Oslo S by train. Sterudkvartalet will act as a new magnet in the city centre connecting both to the surroundings and the future rail station, providing the city an attractive tool for local life. The robust plan highlights potentials for the transformations of the surrounding streets and the urban/landscape connections across the city. It gives the project diversity of private and public programs on a human scale, assembled together by different building typologies - a reflection of the city's character. 
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