Type: Competition, Public space
Status: 2nd prize, Completed

Year: 2018 
Location: Nesoddtangen, Norway
Size: 15 m2

Client: Nesodden kommune
Nes + odd + tangen — A proposal based upon a the formation of a peninsular landscape.
The sauna is an insulated stud wall construction in spruce. The sauna is clad in cedar on the inside and outside. This lends a rugged feeling to the building. When the wooden building turns grey, it will become more like a rock on the shoreline. The building rests on adjustable pillars so as to make as small an impact on the ground as possible, and allow for it to be transportable and composed out in different ways. The Sauna has a large window that faces the fjord, and long benches that face one and other allowing for the sauna to remain as a social yet quiet room within the landscape. People can get naked, sweat, and relax as one should in a sauna, enjoying the view when they need to pour water on the hot stones for more steam.​​​​​​​

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